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Finding Your Fit-Best

For some, fitness is picking up heavy objects and putting them back down, whereas others it is a few minutes of mindfulness and balance. Not only is there a drastic difference between the two modalities, but there is a vast difference in the needs of the people performing these activities. If we truly want to embody what fitness means to us, it is crucial that we know ourselves, as well as our needs.

It is essential to: #1 find something YOU enjoy #2 make it a habit

As I know, this is much easier said than done, but fitness is an area of continuous growth. This time of year, there can typically be more patrons found in a gym setting, and after hmm, say March, some have taken their pictures and achieved what they set out to an then give up on themselves. Although we are all beautiful, finding balance and routine in our fitness will span vast other areas of our lives, outside how we look on the outside. Fitness can become a “grind” if there is not true enjoyment and passion for what we are doing, which is also a valid reason for the diminished number of gym goers. Staying active can be fun, and make you feel amazing after, which will help keep us accountable.

I get asked a lot how frequent I workout and what I do, and genuinely, it depends. Some days when I am beyond stressed and need some “me time,” I will go to the gym, grab a room, and just dance. This is a way I get a small dose of cardio, do what I love, and de-stress, and it works for me! So maybe you’re niche is yoga every now and then or taking a class to keep you accountable on those days you feel like not working out, but always keeping in mind, fitness is what YOU want it to be. Find something you really enjoy, and make it apart of your routine. Easier said than done, but what a better day than today to be awesome and beautiful?


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