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Total Body Tabata!

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Have you felt a little unmotivated since the world went crazy? Well, you are not alone, but you are the only one that can do anything about it! Let’s get up and move together!!! This at-home workout can be made your own and will get you moving and grooving again!

Total Body Tabata in less than 30 minutes!

40 seconds on 20 seconds rest each move! There are many great apps out there to help time this. I use a free app, but there are also watch apps or just a timer works too!

3-5 rounds with a 1-minute rest between ❣️

Challenge yourself and stay moving!

Sumo|High Pull Feet are wider than hip-width and gently turned out with a band, weight, or bottle of laundry detergent in your hands, you will safely lower to about 90 degrees with a flat back and core engaged while keeping the knees behind the toes
Plank Shoulder Taps From a steady push-up position with a tight core, reaching 1 arm up to tap the opposite shoulder and alternating. Make sure to keep the core super tight for a steady base and maximum core work and control. The wider the feet are in the plank position, the more support provided.
Overhead Press [or] Pushups You can use a band with handles or a giant loop band like I did, but if you do not have equipment, hit the floor with some good old fashion pushups! With the band or weight resting right above the shoulders, push through the base of your hand to an overhead position. Make sure to keep the core squeezed and to control the movement on the way down as well.
Lunge|Side Lunge Variation This is one of my favs! Stepping forward for your lunge, make sure the hip crests are both pointing towards the direction you are moving, keeping the core tight in the middle of the lunge, lower down between both legs. On the way up, you will transition into a side lunge. The leg that steps forward will be the bent/working leg on the side lunge. Keeping a proud chest and a tall back while sitting back as far as you can while keeping the knee over the ankle. Now turn through the middle to do the alternate side and so on!
Banded Row [or with a detergent bottle] Keeping the core tight to support a strong back, the hips hinge to create strong support for the upper body movement. While keeping your elbow and inner arm as close to your body as possible, the arm will pull towards the armpit without moving the shoulders. You can alternate or do reps simultaneously.
Glute Lift With/without a band around the knees, make sure the low abdomen is squeezing and the pelvis is in a neutral position. Without moving the hip/pelvis, the glutes pull the lift to the back of your room. Make sure the foot does not turn out, and the toes stay pointing towards the floor. If done properly, this will NOT be a very large movement but you will still feel it! If you feel it in your back or your back moves at all, you are likely not doing this movement correctly and should use a much smaller range of motion.

I hope you enjoy this and it helps you stay active!

Stay Safe Beautiful!


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