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My Story

Hello Gorgeous!

I am Macy Marina, and I’m the gal rooting for you from the other side of the screen! When I’m not pouring my heart into this blog, I’m a full-time nurse, a Group Fitness Instructor, and a Certified Personal Trainer. My mission is to spread my positive outlook on life and well-being to everyone.

I have experienced my share of life’s mountains and valleys, so I am no stranger to the hard work required to achieve personal goals. Even when it gets hard, I continuously push myself to be the most authentic version of myself. I pride myself on being the average person with a hustling life, so sometimes things do not go as planned…but that’s NORMAL! I vow never to edit out stretch marks or that one random spot on my face that pops up right at the worst time because THAT’S LIFE!


With some fantastic help and encouragement, I have created this blog to share my story and empower others to embrace positivity, health, and happiness. I hope you enjoy my anecdotal experiences and can take a sprinkle of positivity from within every post and thought. Feel free to reach out to me for anything!



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