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Living Everyday Unapologetically

We have all done it. Compared ourselves to our peers. Looking in the mirror and pointing out flaws. Picking apart everything wrong with (insert area here). I am guilty of this from time to time too because we are the ones that know ourselves best, and we spend the most time with ourselves. With this way of thinking, we may feel better about ourselves because we know our areas for improvement, so we think we are in the clear from others judgment, but in reality, it magnifies our diminished self-esteem.

When we have these negative criticisms put in our mind. We carry this self-hate with us everywhere, in every outfit, layer of makeup, dressing room mirror, and step in front of all those guys grunting with every rep in the free weights section of the gym. Even if we are not hard on ourselves about superficial means (which is very hard to do with our grossly distorted Western culture and media depiction of what women should look like), doubt can appear in all areas of our lives, whether we like it or not. So how do we stop being our own worst critic (and still be able to be motivated to work on areas to change)???????

We can still acknowledge our areas for improvement, but in a positive light and use that to help us grow, seek success, and be driven. WE ALLLLLL HAVE FLAWS. For example, instead of shaming myself for my tummy area: I am not completely satisfied with my tummy, but I will set goals and acknowledge I have room to grow because fitness is a journey, not a destination.


I have fostered the motto “Living everyday unapologetically myself.” After many troublesome times, I have found that I should and will not apologize for who I am. You are beautiful for the person you are, and you of all people should not be hard on yourself for being the best version of yourself.


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