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I want to start this point with the disclaimer that I have not always been a happy, upbeat person, and that I do truly understand the struggle and work it takes into soul seeking and finding a positive lifestyle. To start off this positivity plug, we are going to address positive thinking, and the strength it can hold in our lives. A little about my experience, I have struggled with anxiety and depression for quite some time. After countless cycles of ups and downs, I have found so much power centering around positivity. Positive thinking is an energy that has no boundaries and can encompass more than just a mindset. I recollect one distinct day in a dark time of my life (really not terribly long ago) when I woke up and nothing was falling into place, and I could have quit on it and had “one of those days.” This was me shrinking my feelings so I could comprehend them, initially making me feel as though I was in tune with my feelings, but in reality, I could not have been more disconnected. Instead of wondering why me, I made a conscious decision.

I choose to be happy.

I was tired of being sad, emotionless, and empty, all at the same time, so I took accountability for my feelings I had crumpled up in my back pocket for years, and told myself, I’m going to be happy. I will say that I do completely understand that depression is a brain disease and it cannot be switched off, and I suddenly did not have it, but I allowed positivity to be stronger than what my brain wanted me to be. This development was not overnight, or even a few weeks, this took me months of soul searching, traveling, and yes, therapy. I now live with significantly fewer bad days and have a general sense of appreciation and power much greater than myself.

“Not every day is our best day, but not every day has to be our worst either.” -Macy Marina Cooper

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