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Goal Setting Season!

Hey Y’all! Long time no see… I know. Nevertheless, I am here to help every one of you beautiful humans set your goals for the year so that you can’t fail. This season of goal setting and perseverance does not have to be a season at all but can be a lifestyle fueled by what feeds your soul.

First off, let’s recap our accomplishments of 2018. When setting goals for this year to come, we typically pick up right where we left off. Taking the same approach to old problems and wondering why we fail to progress. You are wondrous, so take a few moments to adequately reflect and emotionally identify along the way. These are also great journaling reflective topics if this helps you appreciate your hard work and identify why things have unfolded the way they have.

What are your top 5 accomplishments from the past year and why?

  • Who would you like to thank or appreciate for help and support?

What are your top 5 highest moments of the past year and why?

  • Who did you get to share these moments with?

  • What made them so special (i.e., peace, monetary satisfaction, because it made a great ig photo, etc.)?

  • What does this tell us about what we value and should we focus on what we value?

What were the circumstances of some of your lowest moments this past year?

  • How did you overcome adversity and who helped you along the way?

  • Do you know you’re beautiful and amazing?

  • If it seemed like the end of the world at the moment, what would you tell yourself what you know now?

  • How can we apply this to our everyday life to reduce unneeded stress?

What areas have you grown in that you had not expected?

  • What doors has this opened up for our future or bettered us for life in general?

What have you learned over the year?

Please take your time beautiful, you’re worth it!

Now that you remembered how astounding you are let’s also understand that this year could have been the most challenging yet and that we have had to overcome a lot of unexpected obstacles. There are always highs and lows with life. I do not want to invalidate the struggles or regrets you may have. If this is helpful for you, you can write down all your regrets from the past year. Once you have written them all down, you can throw the list away, burn it, but whatever you do,  let it go!

It is a new year which means new goals, ambitions, and visions. In many aspects of my day to day life, I use checkpoints that are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-sensitive, or SMART. This can be used and applied to any objective actually and can be especially useful in health and wellness settings. An example of a SMART goal could be: “By February 1st, I will have read The Power of Habit by reading for 15-20 minutes a day.” This can be applied to anything from fitness to your personal growth and development.

Smart goals are primary in starting a plan for your specific purpose and knowing everything it takes to get to whatever your big picture looks like. These can be short or long-term aims. The overarching goal is being inched towards with the short-term goals milestones or objective places to get you to the bigger picture.

Although I find this planning technique helpful, I love also having obscure intentions with limited direction, but a lot of vision. By not restricting your ambitions, the possibilities are boundless. Having vague goals can allow you to explore more of what you can do and expand your growth and benefits exponentially.

Regardless of the type of goal setting that works for you as a person, you have to fuel your fire with passion, providing shelter for your soul in times of dampness or struggle. When we follow our desire, we are able to accomplish more than we had ever imagined by setting our heart free to endless opportunity. Overall we all have big ambitions, some might even say huge, but at the end of the day, Rome was not build in a day. You do not get diabetes from one piece of cake. You won’t be able to get it all done sometimes, but there is nothing wrong with that. Every step towards our goals are a blessing, and we are imperfect beings. So, love yourself and be flexible with your expectations to spread your wings and smile for the beautiful journey that lies ahead. Take the time, to take your time. You’re worth it.

At the end of January, most people have fallen below their expectations. This could be because they are not realistic, they didn’t have enough support, or even that someone just didn’t believe in themselves. By having a mindset to go further and be completely present at the moment, this will not fade after a month. You will have the drive to build an empire, and it will be your empire. I challenge you to fill in this template with whatever goals work best for you! Regardless if they are super detailed or not, they should be realistic and set yourself up for success.

It’s not just a season, it’s your beautiful year!

To help keep you accountable and on track, tell a friend or someone close to you and even ask your friends what their goals are. Don’t forget to check in on them and their ambitions as you would want someone to do for you. If you are not entirely comfortable with this, find a group or support system on Facebook or other social media/networking so that you can surround yourself with those that know what your intentions are and your passions. You are always welcome to email me at if you would like to share them with me or have me check in on you and your goals from time to time.

At the end of the day, this does not have to be a season for you. You are beautiful, driven, and more than capable of accomplishing your dreams because you can thrive in and out of this season. Whatever works best for you is ultimately going to set yourself up for success, but sometimes we have to try different things, look at our life from a different perspective, or even try something bold this year, and every year to come.

I will end this post by telling you a personal goal of mine and practice what I preach. I have been working for a very very long time on a fitness program for all you beauties out there, and I too have got caught up in the sheer exhaustion of life and fearful of the commitment. A goal of mine for a long time has been to release this program, and I have talked with many people about it, but I think that telling all the beautiful humans that make this worthwhile that they can expect it in Spring 2019 will really light a fire under my soul. So you heard it here first. You can expect plenty of updates, but I am still working out A LOT of the details, but as always I am here to be real as I go and learn from my mistakes.

Another goal I have for you beauties is for me to continue to pour my love out to you in my posts. I had told myself when I started this blog it would just be as I could devote the time and energy to this passion of mine, but I have neglected my love and inadvertently, you. This year is going to be different though. I am going to share my journey and love more regularly and always put my best forward.

I would love to hear all your fabulous goals, passions, and ambitions for 2019 but as always,

-Stay Beautiful


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